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Free Tarot Class

This free 40 minute class is for anyone curious about tarot and my teaching style. In this class, I’ll talk about:

*a brief history of tarot

*why we use tarot cards

*how to do readings without knowing traditional tarot card meanings

*how to do readings for yourself

This course has closed captions for accessibility.

By the end of this class, you will understand why we use tarot cards, and have a basic understanding of how to read tarot cards intuitively for yourself. This is the perfect class to take in preparation for my Tarot for Beginners 7 Week Course!

*Recommended tarot deck: Smith-Waite Borderless Edition


"I took Alice's Free Tarot Class not knowing anything about tarot cards. I thought it would be fun and interesting, but did not expect to be drawn in to tarot the way that I was. This free class gave me a taste of how tarot could unlock a connection to the intuitive part of myself that I had been conditioned to ignore for so long. Alice's teaching style is relaxed, gentle, and easy to understand with a topic that could definitely feel overwhelming in the hands of someone else. I'm definitely moving on to taking Alice's Tarot for Beginners Course!" - Diane G.

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