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Dream Interpretation Course

This 2 week Dream Interpretation course is for anyone who:

*has an active dream life or

*never remembers any dreams or

*has recurring dreams

*has scary dreams

*believes their dreams may hold psychic information

*wants to understand the messages and information contained in their dreams

*dreams about people they know, both living and deceased

This course includes:

*detailed steps to remembering and interpreting your own dreams

*a worksheet to facilitate your own interpretations

*detailed explanations of my own dreams and how I was able to interpret the messages and information they contained

*lifetime access to this course and materials

*multiple package options - packages that include one-on-one zoom sessions offer those at a discounted price over booking them separately

*closed captions for accessibility

By the end of this course, you will feel confident in your ability to receive and understand the personalized messages from your unconscious mind. You will feel a sense of clarity around the choices and decisions you make, as well as a deeper trust in your intuition as you move through life.


”Alice’s Dream Interpretation course was really useful for my intuitive development and my dream life. I assumed that dreams that were random and nonsensical couldn’t have messages for me within them, and Alice opened my mind to a new perspective! I now believe dreams are extremely important and a way for us to passively receive messages and healing. I would highly recommend her dream class and all of her services.” - Bitty


”I loved this Dream Interpretation course. I learned what it means if you don’t remember your dreams (fascinating!) and about what an oft occurring dream means - and it wasn’t at all what I thought! Alice left me with insight and tools to interpret my dreams going forward and helped me with ideas about keeping track of my dreams as well. Highly recommend this course to learn more about your own subconscious and what might be going on below the surface.” - Pam

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